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Everyone has a right to live a better life, however some people need a little support in accomplishing it. CONTACT VISITS is excited to meet youth, prisoners and returning citizens where they are, literally and figuratively 


CONTACT VISITS works with youth and adults whether they are or have not been involved in the criminal justice system. Our whole purpose is to keep individuals out of prison. Our focus is meeting individuals where ever they are! Through are essential programming, we help them recognize their value and build critical thinking abilities that allow them to continue or start making better choices that can save and empower their lives.

All except for our program Dead Before 18 are for youth and adults. We do not mix groups. Our programs are not a one size fits all. Our curriculums were designed to meet the needs of each individual groups based of age and circumstances.

CONTACT VISITS program Dead Before 18 - Saving our boys from the streets focuses only on youth. They do not have to be considered at-risk. 


Take a look at our programs under the PROJECTS tab to see what we offer. 

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CONTACT VISITS’ mission is to assist at-risk youth, prisoners and returning citizens to transition into the productive and successful lives that they want to live.

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