CONTACT VISITS is a 501(c)3 educational nonprofit that was founded in 2003 in Washington, DC  by Lamont Carey after his release from prison. He started the company to prevent young people from going to jail, help prisoners change their thinking and prepare for freedom and to empower returning citizens to overcome and thrive despite the 45,000 collateral consequences of convictions. He knew they had the inner strength to face the challenges but maybe not all of the tools to overcome the barriers. CONTACT VISITS role is to step in and be the support system they need.


What makes CONTACT VISITS unique is that we are a small and mobile organization that go anywhere in the world to work with our target population. Our board and facilitators are a mixture of returning citizens and professionals whom never had a run in with the law. Together  we have a broader view of challenges and how to aid the population we serve to be successful.​


To assist at-risk youth, prisoners and returning citizens to transition into the productive lives that they want to live.

Our focus is on their dreams. If we can get them inspired and driven, they can accomplish the impossible. 


To reduce recidivism nationally by 50%.


We accomplish this through our Re-Orientation enrichment programming. Our approach is through the buy-in. We empower our participants to take ownership of the programming offered. The foundation of our programming is cognitive behavior and social emotional learning that engages participants as equals while challenging their personal programmed thinking and broadening their views on themselves and the opportunities that exist for them.

During this process we encourage them to identify transferable skills developed throughout their lives. This allows them to see the additional skill sets that have to offer to employers. These same skill-sets can be utilized to start their own businesses.

Please consider CONTACT VISITS when deciding on charitable support.

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