As a corporate sponsor you will enable us to serve more individuals and groups than we are able to reach without you. We want to be able to target youth and adults in the communities and institutions where there is a true need for intervention to stop the violence, build positive life plans, entrepreneurship and prepare individuals for a real life after prison. Our focus is simple, we want to be where hope is wavering and to replace it with inspiration and a plan. 

We want to mix your passion with ours and there are other perks with becoming a corporate sponsor. We want the communities you help us serve to know you. We want to make you a part of everything we do and stand for. Now if you choose to be anonymous we will respect your decision. However we want you to join us, the community needs you!


CONTACT VISITS is looking for passionate and committed individuals who want to make a difference in our communities and our world. We focus on working with some of the most vulnerable and misunderstood youth and adults in communities, jails and prisons around the world.

Here are some areas we have identified that we need your support:

  • Public Relations Representative

  • Graphic designs: Website updates, social media and project based support.

  • Admin

  • Facilitating/assist in workshops using our curriculum

  • Mentor

  • Videographer: taping and editing

Thank you for considering to help us make a difference. We are excited and can’t wait to hear from you. Feel free to tell your friends about us as well.

Please CLICK THIS LINK and fill out information. We will contact you within 48 hours.


We appreciate you. We understand that sometimes schedules be so jammed pack or you live so far away from us that you can't get involved like you really want. Just know that your giving is an extension of you and because of you we will be able to offer services that individuals and communities need. This allows you to be a part of everything even when you're not physically present but your love and commitment is evident in your donation. Thank you for being a very generous member of our family.

Our programs are requested by communities we cannot serve because of CONTACT VISITS very limited resources. However, this is an opportunity where you can join forces with us and SPONSOR ONE OF OUR PROGRAMS so we can SERVE a community that needs us!


Give A Child A Book

Dead Before 18 - Saving our boys from the streets is a must read book written by our Founder Lamont Carey. The book was turned into a curriculum that we use in our programming. However, as a stand alone it has been critically acclaimed and embraced by young boys and girls as a guidebook. Parents and youth have said that they do connect to the book. Youth that typically don't enjoy reading, completely read this book. We would like your help in getting the book into the hands of more young people. It teaches them: 

  1. Awareness 

  2. Know how to handle themselves when dealing with the police

  3. Controlling your anger

  4. No Means No

  5. Avoiding gangs and so much more!

You can purchase as many books as you would like and we will put them into the hands of young men who need it or you can give it to someone you know needs it.​


write a Prisoner

Your act of Kindness can directly change a life. Your concern can help rebuild a person from the inside out. Your correspondence can contribute to the transformation of an individual's life that will have a rippling through their communities. 

I hope you decide on making a difference in someone's life by becoming a penpal today. Click below to see your options

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