Making a decision is the foundation of every pursuit that leads to an accomplished goal. Our programs objectives are to teach thoughtful decision making that lead to a strategy that allows them to own their dreams.  Remember we are mobile. You bring us to you, anywhere in the world: Communities, Prisons, Jails, Schools, Libraries, etc. We love working with the disengaged, disadvantaged, the shooters, the gangs and the worse of the worst.

Dead Before 18​​ – Saving our boys from the street program was designed to prevent, intervene and guide youth away from the lure of negative influences, a cycle of negative thinking, bad decision-making and criminal activity. ​​We challenge their assumptions, beliefs and loyalties and introduce positive/ alternative responses. The goal is that they make it home every night.

PassPort To A New Life is our premier adult program. The focus is addressing, exploring and replacing negative influences, lifestyles and codes of conduct that traps individuals in a cycle of despair and incarceration. We guide them through a process that includes, but is not limited to, eradicating "street/prison codes," building life plans that include skill development, critical thinking, and identifying transferable skills that can aid in fostering a view of  unlimited possibilities. 

Keep Your Hustle but Change Your Product Program is an entrepreneurship program for at‐risk youth and returning citizens with an interest in starting their own businesses. The focus is on entrepreneurial skills gained in their previous lifestyles, and helps them to transfer these skills into legit business ideas and employable skills.

Bossing Up is a financial wellness program. The focus is to help individuals understand their relationship with money and how to grow their money through investments while creating additional streams of income to build generational wealth.

My Silence Speaks isn’t simply an arts program. It is art therapy. It focuses on teaching participants how to process their ideas, and use them to identify, investigate, and release their emotions through a non-threatening, but creative form of expression: Spoken Word, Autobiographies, Novels, Screenplays, Stage Production and acting.

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