Re-Orientation Programs

CONTACT VISITS believes a Re-Orientation process takes place whenever an individual starts on a new journey in life. We believe that it is critical for individuals who are being released from incarceration or walking away from a life of crime to have examples of successful transitioning. Our programs were designed by our founder Lamont Carey based off of his transitioning from prison to productive living. Our programs usually have a mixture of individuals who have had involvement in the criminal justice system and of those who have never been defendants in a crime. This mixture allows our participants to receive a broader view of overcoming challenges to achieve successful living.

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Dead Before 18 -Saving our boys from the Streets– sessions are designed to intervene and guide youth away from the cycle of negative thinking, bad decision making and criminal activity. The sessions are facilitated in and outside of juvenile facilities by trained facilitators, some are successful former offenders that relate to the plight of at-risk juveniles. The program covers a variety of personal and external development that includes: Impulsive Behavior, Keeping Your Word/Breaking Your Word, Higher Education, Learning a Trade, Rebuilding their Lives from the Inside Out and more. The program is based off of Lamont Carey’s book- Dead Before 18 – Saving Our Boys From the Streets.

PassPort To A New Life is a multi-facet program for adults inside institutions and communities. The goal of eradicating criminal behaviors. The curriculum was designed to guide participants through a process of self-discovery, the elimination of criminal thinking and behaviors. They will replace those (behaviors/actions) with effective communication regarding leadership development, and design life and career goals with action plans. The program teaches the idea that success in the future begins with avoiding negative institutional encounters and taking advantage of opportunities that build their skill-sets today in preparation for their goals of tomorrow.

The Hotspot Open Mic is our premier youth arts and professional development program. We use the arts to capture and redirect the path of youth who are overly exposed or involved in criminal activity.  This program utilizes arts and entrepreneurship to 1) help these young people believe in themselves and their dreams, and make the necessary personal and professional adjustments to pursue those dreams; 2) provide the guidance, and professional skill development and networking that will enable them to become successful stewards of their dreams; 3) deter them from criminal and other behaviors that could threaten their future.; and 4) provide entrepreneurship skill development to enable them to monetize their creative works and create their own economic opportunities for themselves and their communities.

 My Silence Speaks isn’t simply an arts program. It is art therapy. It focuses on teaching participants how to process their ideas and release those emotions through a non-threatening, but creative form of expression. This creative expression is spoken-word, public speaking, rap or song. This program also teach writing: novel writing, screenplay writing and stage-play writing.

The Streets Keep Calling Me Tour is our out-reach program. We send successfully transitioned returning citizens/ex-offenders in prisons, jails, group homes, schools, juvenile facilities and parole and probation orientations to speak about preparing and overcoming obstacles that threatens their ability to stay productive and free.